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Why did I decide to quit Amazon Services

Amazon Web Services
Written by Dimitris

I have been using Amazon Services for a few years now. For about half a year I also host a few of my sites there, and I finally decided that it just does not worth it…

To put it plainly, the cost is too much (both in money and operational effort) and advantages are nothing to write home about (at least for smallish scale web hosting). What remains is some vague sense of achievement and awesomeness because… you know… cloud…

My final configuration is a small EC2 Ubuntu micro farm (reverse proxy load balancer and cache, web/Nginx, MySQL/RDS, mail server). The one thing that had some value was the reverse proxy Nginx which in my opinion adds significantly to speed and security.

Anyway, I still have some sites there running on Nginx (which I love by the way), but I will eventually move everything back to my Knownhost VPCs, which by the way I just upgraded to LiteSpeed (loving it so far).

The two services I will continue to use in AWS are S3 for my website backups and Glacier for my PC backups.

Any thoughts? Did I miss something?

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