Tissot Tradition Chronograph T063.617.16.037.00

Tissot Tradition Chrono
Written by Dimitris

This lovely white dial chronograph was the reason for my recent entry into the WIS cycles.

A quartz chrono feels a bit overpriced if you are a WIS, but this one easily beats most of the usual suspects in entry level affordable watches in terms of finishing.

I bought this watch about three months ago before I have read anything about movements and the like. The decision was solely based on looks. And I have to say that I never regretted it. I sometimes feel that I should have gone for its smaller brother, the T0636101603700. But the 3-hander is quite more dressy and thin, and would probably end up getting skipped a lot in my “rotation” because I rarely wear anything else but jeans. Plus, I always liked the Bauhaus style, so I will probably get something by Rodina or a TisellĀ (update: I did), which means they will have to compete for wrist time.

Tissot Tradition Chronograph

Tissot Tradition Chronograph

I really like the thick sapphire glass, even if its slight dome creates some distortion when looked from an angle. Its 42mm of diameter are perfect for my wrist, and the 11mm of height makes it quite elegant. The complications include the usual chronograph stuff. The 1/10th seconds hand moves into position only when the stopwatch is stopped, and the small seconds are at 6 o’clock. The set indexes and the hands are very nicely polished, and the subdial edges are defined by slight etching on the dial surface.

From what I read, the G10.211 ETA movement is pretty reliable and cheap to replace, and the Swiss even decided to make it serviceable to further reduce the costs.

Now, to most WIS people, paying around 300 euros (or more in a DA) might feel a bit too much for a quartz movement. But if you see the watch in person, you can tell that its finish is quite nice. This watch is really proof that Tissot is used by the Swatch group as a doorway for introducing people to Swiss quality. And for me, the Quartz thing is not that a big of a deal. And you better read some more if you are considering an affordable mechanical chrono, especially something with a Seagull ST19.The one thing I do not like is the leather strap. It looks nice and the brown color compliments the dial very nicely, but it is very thin, and the clasp has no release

The one thing I do not like is the leather strap. It looks nice and the brown color compliments the dial very nicely, but it is very thin, and the clasp has no release buttons but instead is pressure locked, which means after a while it will probably loosen up. I am currently wearing the watch on a dark brown croco from BOB Marino, and a polished clasp, both purchased from Waccex. I also bough a dark blue and a lighter brown. Both look very nice and prove how versatile the white dial can be. But for me, the dark brown really is the best option.

Tissot Tradition Chrono

Tissot Tradition Chrono

Conclusion? In my honest opinion, the watch is a keeper. I can wear it with almost anything (although it tends to dress you up a bit). The quality is very nice, and I receive many compliments on it. Oh and the ladies seem to like the lighter brown strap more, but I prefer the dark one. More photos coming soon.

Official Page: Tissot Tradition Chronograph T063.617.16.037.00

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